Creating a Strong Financial Strategy

In one’s quest to be a successful person, work ethic and perseverance is the traditional key to reach our dreams. Since we started learning that hard work pays off, we come to think that each step of activity will get us where we want to be. However, for people who want to be self-made millionaires, they know that a lot more is at stake.

In a changing financial mindset, self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre believes that hard work is not enough. The truth is, if hard work is the end of it all then there should be more successful people. After all, can we actually say to ourselves that we have outworked everyone? Even when we worked at our utmost capacity, we know that someone can still outwork us. Thus, when it comes to adapting a millionaire’s mindset, hard work does not hold much water.

This is the value of a successful financial strategy. Along with a changing mindset, financial strategies are a reflection of smart work. As Jamie McIntyre said, “working hard and making money have nothing to do with each other in the 21st century.” Hard work can surely take you places. However, if you want to make money, you have to care more than “working hard.”

Let us take the example of Jamie McIntrye’s father. As a farmer, his father is now a prosperous and financially independent person at his age. Learning from Jamie’s grandfather, his father believed that hard work is the key to success. Even when he became rich he still believed in that. However, hard work is just an integral part of being rich. His father instead found a way to create wealth by buying land at a low price and waited to increase its value over a period of time. All the while, his wealth is created even while sleeping. Where is the hard work in that? Finding a successful strategy is more about intuition and changing perception. Sometimes hard work even blinds us to a point that we stop thinking and that is when things can get frisky. If you want to develop a successful financial strategy, start thinking.

Another well driven financial strategy is finding the opportunities in risks. As you can imagine, these strategies are not your normal laundry methods where you wash, dry, and repeat. Finding the best opportunities involves having the heart and the focus to make tough decisions despite the overwhelming forces that can stop you from acting on your instinct.

Jamie McIntyre continues his family story in driving this point. His mother always wanted a coffee shop that she could own for herself. Seeing the opportunity, her mother bought a coffee shop business. However, when the seller also offered the building where the coffee shop is located, she did not buy it since that would mean borrowing the needed money to finance the purchase of the building.

As the years go by, she struggled to manage her coffee shop to a point that she did not pay herself a salary. What more, she struggled to pay the rent of the building that could have been hers. In the end all her hard work in what seems to be a promising business, turned into more hard work. The spiral continues.

In this example, Jamie McIntyre tells us that if we are presented with an opportunity, it is not enough to think hard. Thinking hard involves being too hesitant while losing the will to act. Meanwhile, thinking smart will allow us to see the opportunities before the hindrances speak to us. Jamie explained that if her mother made the right move and bought the building, she could have been presented with more successful options.

Successful financial strategies come from an evolving financial mindset and the gut to act on your financial instinct. Thus, the biggest return does not come from hard work. Instead, it comes from unlocking keys of wealth creation by working smartly.

Financial Literacy Month

Financial literacy month is celebrated in April all over the world including the United States. It’s purpose is to provide practical financial education to people. Due to the current economic conditions, there will be significant attention on financial literacy month this year.

Over time, it became apparent that without financial education services people were more to likely to struggle financially. With this realization, the government wanted to increase awareness about financial educational services and highlight them over financial literacy month.

The national financial literacy month movement, hopes to educate and inspire people to take control of their finances and increase their knowledge of practical money matters. While April is officially financial literacy month the hope is that it will serve to kick start financial education programs throughout the year.

This financial literacy month go out and volunteer. Help to share the message of a practical financial education to young people. There are many organizations that go into schools and teach kids about money. Here are some tips so you can effectively teach kids about money.

  • Motivation: To motivate you need to uncover the motivation. You must understand the specific interests of each group you teach and ask the students questions that are relevant to their lives. Pay attention and really listen to what they are sharing.
  • Emotion: Rebelliousness, embarrassment, hope, desire and many more emotions provide powerful leverage for our message of financial literacy. In your financial education service program get the class to respond emotionally and direct those emotions in the direction that will help them the most.
  • Benefits: Spotlight the advantages of being financially literate and ask questions that help students discover the benefits for themselves. For example, good credit will save you over ten thousand dollars on a car purchase – what would you like to do with the money you save? Benefits are what advertisers use to sell us their products and what you can use to sell the message of financial literacy.
  • Encouragement: With ‘financial disaster’ stories making the front page of the news regularly, it is important to inspire them with hope and belief that they can achieve the level of financial status that they desire through continued education.
  • Relate: Most of us can relate to many of the experiences & feelings that the participants are going through. Sincerely listen to your students and try to remember how you thought at their age so you can relate to them.

How well the financial education programs are put together very much depend on the financial literacy curriculum you are using. If you follow the above tips your lesson plans will make a significant impact on a child’s financial life.

Financial literacy month is a time we can use to empower others with practical financial education skills. This is something that will help a person in their future, especially when it comes to avoiding financial pitfalls and being able to afford retirement. Social security will not be around forever, so it is important that people are out there teaching kids about money and supporting the mission behind financial literacy month. Financial knowledge can prevent a lifetime of living paycheck to paycheck with no chance of a comfortable retirement.

Tips for Hiring a Title Insurance Company

Are you currently looking for a title insurance company, but you aren’t sure where to start? Well, there are a few steps you may want to take. First of all, you may want to ask around.

You probably have several family members and friends who have had experiences with title insurance companies. So, a good option would be to talk with a few of them and get their opinions. If you notice that one company is mentioned more than others in a positive manner, you may want to consider it. On the other hand, if you find one or two companies that aren’t getting any good ratings, you should also keep that in mind.

With that being said, you shouldn’t allow other people’s opinions influence you to the point they make the final decision for you. Maybe, the ones who had a negative opinion about a certain entity just had a bad experience and their opinion isn’t truly representative of the business as a whole. Therefore, once you have considered the opinions of your loved ones, you should then try to find out the thoughts of those who aren’t necessarily a part of your circle.

There are many forums and websites where people leave their opinions about different things, including title insurance companies. Reading these people’s experiences will give you an opportunity to learn from a wider range of people from all across the country. However, just as you should do with family members and friends, you should still not allow these findings and reviews to completely dictate your final ruling.

You may also want to take some time and review the websites of these companies to see if they have what you are looking for. You may find that some people had a bad opinion of a company, but the entity actually fits the description of exactly what you want. So, in essence, you shouldn’t allow one thing to push you into making your final decision. You should take all opinions along with your own personal research into consideration.

Finally, you should remember that no company is perfect and you never really know until you try. Just like with all other businesses, different people will be drawn to a variety of things. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of opinion. Therefore, you should be thorough in your search and remember that it will be almost impossible to find a title insurance company that will satisfy your every need and desire. Your job is to find one that comes as close as possible.

Financial Strategies For The Lowest Car Loan Interest Rates

Whether you are buying a brand-new shining set of wheels or a used car, a loan can delay the purchase. So, the first smart financial strategy is to figure out if you need to apply for a car loan before finalizing the car and accessories. If you do need a loan, you need to get certain financial strategies in place for the next 5 to 7 years. Though, it is an easy process to get an auto loan, you must make smart choices to keep it simple for the term of the loan.

Calculate EMI correctly
This is the first step. Most people assume it is all about visiting the web page of the car loan EMI calculator. No, it’s not. You need to understand that the principal amount for car loans have select elements. You need to consider all the elements before EMI calculations. Most people ignore this. No wonder, then that their actual EMI is much higher than anticipated. So, consider:
€ Cost of the car
€ Cost of all accessories
€ Cost of car insurance
€ Road tax
€ Miscellaneous

Keep the down payment ready
Though quite a few banks and mortgage companies claim to offer 100% of car value in the loan, you can get the lowest interest rates on car loan, if you keep 15 to 20% of the car value ready for down payment as you can qualify for the loan more easily. The number of interested banks and finance companies will increase substantially if your down payment is ready.

Get rid of bad credit
For car loans, very few people prepare their finances in-depth. Yet, the fact is that it is easy to improve your CIBIL score, rather than taking a car loan with higher interest rates that weighs heavily on your monthly cash flow. There are sufficient financial strategies available to reduce bad credit. Pay off pending credit card debt. Prepay personal loans. This will significantly lower the interest rates and ease the potential pressure on your monthly earnings.

There are other strategies that you can use. However, these are the most important ones. You can compare car loans on third party websites to choose the best finance company available. You can pay for accessories or car insurance from your own pocket. Thus, you lower your principal amount. If the amount of the loan you need can be equal to the amount of stock options or gold investment you hold, you can offer them as security. But, these are not alternatives to the strategies above. These are just useful tactics built on the right foundation.

50 Year Loans No Credit Check – A Great Financial Help for High Risk Borrowers

If a person’s credit score goes below the level of acceptance, it becomes difficult to improve it and also to retain it. Moreover such people are not anymore considered eligible to avail loans. No lender in particular would like to help any applicant with a poor credit record because they are considered as risky borrowers. However, people have their set of needs and demands there which cannot be ignored and delayed. So, keeping these conditions in mind lenders introduced 50 year loans no credit check. These loans are usually granted against suitable terms and can be used to tackle short term financial needs and demands of people.

50 year loans no credit check are a perfect financial solution for those borrowers who face credit problems. Bad credit records such as arrears, late payments, missed payments, IVA, defaults and other such records are considered to be risky. Thus people with such tags are considered high risk borrowers and their loan applications are usually rejected.

Thus to help such people with their financial needs 50 year loans no credit check are offered to people which do not require security. Borrowers can utilize the funds for fulfilling their necessary financial responsibilities like consolidating debts, financing education, renovation of home, buying car, purchasing furniture, expansion of business and so on. By applying for this cash help people can obtain a loan amount within a range of 1000-25000. The term of repayment varies from 6 month-10 years. Borrower can pull a loan amount which suits his needs and repaying capability.

12 month cash loans are provided at slightly higher rates of interest as they are offered to poor credit holders and also no security is asked for these loans. The non requirement of collateral and presence of adverse credit records create a higher risk as they may delay payments. Thus to avoid such complications and risks factors lenders charge higher rates of interest for these loans. Applying for this financial facility online is much convenient and quick. The online application is free from lengthy and annoying formalities.

The Borrower is only asked to fill and submit an online application for. After which the form is verified, if approved the money is transferred in to borrower’s bank account within least possible time. A wide market research can help the borrower to grab a low rate deal at competitive terms. This is possible as there are various online lenders offering loans for 60 year. The Borrower can compare their quotes and terms to find a perfect deal.

People with bad credit tenants, non homeowners and students can rely on 50 year loans no credit check for their financial needs. A major benefit of obtaining loans for 60 year is that they help in improving the flawed credit records. This can be made possible by making timely and regular repayment of loan.

The Perfect Financial Strategy

Controlling finances and making a strategy to reach your goals are the first steps towards developing the financial planning procedure. Remember that a robust planning makes sure a secured financial life. Below are some of the useful tips which would ensure that person can easily avail maximum benefits from the process of financial planning:

Correct Earlier Financial Mistakes

Everyone has committed some financial mistakes in their past. These mistakes are either purchasing a wrong financial product, credit abuse, wrong investment, taking loans at higher rates or owning an expensive house/car etc. It is very much important to accept as well as to correct past financial mistakes. Else, these mistakes haunt you in case he or she fails to take the right actions. If person still not hold any type of insurance such as health, car, home or life, then buy it now and cover yourself and your loved ones.

Every Financial Decision Impacts Financial Life

Do not forget that every financial decision which is taken by you has an impact on your financial life. In case person is not having enough insurance coverage, then review policy one more time without any delay. Isolated financial decisions would often have impact on different aspects of financial life. People who make their decision with the first motive of tax savings, then it will surely affect the return on investment negatively. Always have a holistic approach while making financial strategy because it maximizes the advantages of financial planning.

Realistically Prioritize Financial Goals

Financial planning is essential in order to make secure financial life. But, it doesn’t mean that it cast a magic spell to make all your dreams come true. Set goals as per priority. In fact, people may have to let go some dreams which they feel are not much important as compared to others. Be realistic while translating future goals to monetary terms. It is not a sensible thinking to expect unrealistic returns on investments. Net return affects by many factors such as inflation, macro-economic factors and change in interest rates.

Seek Expert Advice

Get help from financial expert, advisors or agents for financial advice. Also, ask your friends, family or relatives while making finance related decisions. Internet is the best source to get any kind of financial information. Wisely select an advisor to make sensible financial decisions. If you do not involve some of your time for research, then you’re wrong financial decision would influence future well-being of you and your family.

Implementing Financial Planning Immediately

Designing a financial strategy and recommendations on financial products through expert advice is still incomplete until put into action. Generally, people have a tendency to postpone implementation of financial planning. The success of this planning mainly depends on how soon person begins implementation. If person start working early on it, then there are chances that person avail maximum benefits from his or her investment. So, start planning today onwards because small steps play the most critical role for financially secure future. These simple moves are important to fulfill your dreams.

Financial Strategies for Successful Business

As we strive for financial independence, we need to look for financial strategies for successful retirement. Retirement can be the most fulfilling time of your life. What is included in financial strategies for successful retirement? Retirement income, health care, short and long term, housing, goals, children, health care provider for family members, travel, pets, continue to work, open a business, recreation, just to name a few.

Financial strategies for successful retirement, does not just happen. It is achieved by anticipating your future needs and wants. Consider your lifestyle expectations and goals you’ve always wanted. First and foremost, you must know your retirement income. As stated above, look at the categories (you may add or delete) that are in your future.

Estimate your retirement expenses, monthly or annually. Within your financial strategies for successful retirement, you should figure approximately 70-80% of current income to maintain your present lifestyle. Much of the time, the early or beginning of your retirement years are the most expensive due to still being quite active.


Strategies for successful retirement must include planning well beyond 65-66 years of age. Actuaries indicate that you should plan to live another 20 + years. So, adjustment for inflation must be taken into consideration as well.

Consider the following for financial strategies for successful retirement:

  • Always pay yourself first even if money is tight. You should consider yourself a monthly bill
  • Save, save, save. Compounding interest is a miracle particularly in long term savings such as a tax deferred account
  • Put the max allowed in a employee sponsored retirement plan
  • Have an emergency fund
  • Do not touch your retirement funds
  • Continue to invest, save after retirement
  • Investigate medical gap insurance that goes with Medicare

Financial strategies for successful retirement not only calls for
you to do your homework, you must also know that adjusting your plan must be part of your retirement plan. As always in anything you do when it comes to finances, see professional advice from a qualified financial advisor such as a CPA, an accountant or tax attorney.

An Introduction To Forex Trading

Are you new to Forex trading? Do you want to get involved, but don’t know exactly where or how to begin? If you are a beginner trader, and are just starting out, you certainly do have a lot to learn. The good new is that even though there is a large amount of information involved in mastering the art of the Forex game, it does not have to be an overly difficult nor extremely tiresome task to do so.

Forex trading is foreign exchange trading. The Forex market is one of the most exciting, fast-paced markets in the financial world. It is the virtual location where the trading of global currencies takes place. The Forex market trades more than $4.9 trillion each and every day. Not only does that make it the largest electronic market in the world, it also makes trading the stock market look like trading chump change.

Forex trading involves making educated predictions that are based on minuscule variations in the global economy. You then buy and sell according to those predictions,. The exchange rate between two Country’s currencies is essentially the rate at which you exchange one of those currencies for another. A smart trader uses any and every available source of data in order to analyze countries and their currencies as if they would with companies. Then, you use those economic forecasts to get a good idea of what the true value of a currency is.

The most important part of Forex trading is your training. Do not think of Forex trading as gambling. Gambling is mainly based on chance. Forex trading is based on skill, education and experience. Add a little bit of strategy and technique, and you have yourself a complete Forex cocktail.

Once you have educated yourself on the ins and outs of the forex market, you are finally ready to start trading. In order to start trading, the very first thing you will need to do is choose a broker. Choosing a broker can be confusing if you don’t know a whole lot about brokers and what they do. You certainly want to ensure that you choose the best Forex broker to fit your personal trading needs. Pretty much every Forex broker there is claims to be the best Forex broker. However, before deciding on which broker you want to go with you should study them carefully and find out everything you can about them.

Once you have finally decided which Forex broker you want to use, the next step is to open a trading account and making an initial deposit. When opening your first Forex trading account, (regardless of what broker you are using), be sure to only deposit the exact amount of money you intend to begin trading with. This step is very important, especially if you are a beginner and are just starting out with your first Forex trading account.

After you fund your Forex broker account, you will then receive access to a trading platform. This trading platform is where you will be executing all of your Forex trading activity. Once you have reached the point of opening your broker account, and placing your first trade, you have officially become a beginner Forex trader.

How to Choose a Credit Union

There are many benefits to using a credit union for your banking needs. While large banking institutions seek to make money from their customers, credit unions work for their clients. When transitioning from a bank into credit unions in NJ, it can be difficult to know the right institution for your needs. Evaluating key factors can help ensure you protect your finances and even help your savings grow.


Look for a credit union close to either your work or home to make it easy for regular transactions. You’ll find it difficult to take advantage of personal services, if you have to take a long drive to reach their branches. Additionally, they should have ample ATMs in convenient locations in your area or waive the ATM fees for using one from another banking institution.


Look into the cost to open an account and how much is needed to avoid penalties. At times accounts require minimum balances or charge their customers for needed transactions. Read the fine print to avoid credit unions that punish their customers.


One of the many benefits of credit unions is customer-friendly programs. Review their auto loan, savings and lending service programs to verify how they treat customers.

Preparing for Retirement

Not all of us enjoy the thought of retirement. Some of us are workaholics that can’t imagine what it’s like not to have to get up and drive to work. Then again, in retirement, you can commit that energy elsewhere. The extra time gives you a chance to pursue other passions you’ve always dreamed of. To really be able to do that, though, you have to adequately prepare for your retirement.

A saving funds is obviously an important part of that, because nobody wants to run out of money in their retirement age. That’s why one big rule to follow is to know how much money you’re going to need once you retire. This requires years of planning in advance, but working with the right consultants can help make that transition easier.

You’ll have to consider what inflation is going to do with your money, too. As it goes up, the power of our dollars go down, so you’ll want to consider what impact that will have on your existing savings. Finally, all of us have to deal with healthcare, which will continue to take a bite from our finances. Make sure to plan adequately to cover medical expenses, especially in cases of emergencies.